“A Brand is not only what you make out of it but also how you can make the world perceive it.”

Not every company gets to enjoy the brand visibility that it seeks or deserves and from this need of defining the distorted, The AntiAlias was founded in the year 2011 by a passionate group of visionaries, technophiles and strategists.
We are not your typical digital agency, we are digital savvy, low on fluff, and are passionate about working on disruptive business models.

As a leading UI/UX, VR & AR design & development Agency that relishes the crossroads of technology, marketing, content and digital strategy, we want to revamp the whole idea of brand management with a more holistic approach that includes all aspects of a successful modern day business.
Our processes are data driven, less iterative and cut through the clutter that burdens many organisations.

We establish a strong foundation for your brand built on best practices for marketing campaigns, brand identity, business strategy, analytics, user interface & user experience design, VR and AR app development with the right mix of visuals, technology & business logic. Our philosophy is that

“If you believe in your brand, we’ll make the world believe in you”


AntiAlias is a full service top UI/UX studio in India providing end to end digital design solutions. Branded as one of the best UI/UX design agencies in Delhi, we at the AntiAlias guide brands entering the digital space through each step of the process including planning, user research, wireframing, visual design and prototyping.

Our Team